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Nalox­one (Find Nax­olone Near You)

Nax­olone is used to treat a nar­cot­ic over­dose in an emer­gency sit­u­a­tion to enable breath­ing while one is expe­ri­enc­ing an over­dose from opi­oids, hero­in, fen­tanyl or fen­tanyl ana­log. If you or an indi­vid­ual that you know is at risk of opi­oid over­dose, Nalox­one may save their life! 

Nalox­one is avail­able in four var­i­ous meth­ods: injectable, auto-injec­tor, intranasal and nasal spray. Nalox­one is avail­able over the counter or dis­trib­uted freely by orga­ni­za­tions. We rec­om­mend keep­ing Nax­olone kits in your med­i­cine cab­i­net and car­ry­ing them with you when you go out. 

Fen­tanyl test­ing strips (Find Fen­tanyl Test­ing Stripes at Live4Lali)

Test­ing drugs before poten­tial use is anoth­er harm reduc­tion method used to test the pres­ence of fen­tanyl in drugs such as hero­in, cocaine, and even MDMA. If the fen­tanyl strip deter­mines that there is fen­tanyl in the sub­stance, the per­son using the sub­stance can decide whether or not they want to use the sub­stance, use with a Nax­olone res­cue kit near­by, use less of the sub­stance, or anoth­er option that would be safer. 

Ster­ile Syringes (Find Free Syringe Pro­grams Near You)

If some­one is using injectable drugs, using ster­ile syringes with each use can great­ly reduce the risk of spread­ing HIV and hepati­tis. It is also use­ful to prop­er­ly dis­pose of used nee­dles so oth­ers are not at risk of harm­ing themselves. 

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