Cop­ing with Urges

NoMo (Avail­able on iOS) (Avail­able on Google Play)

Start your sobri­ety coun­ters! NoMo can help you track your days free from addic­tions to sub­stances, shop­ping, gam­bling and oth­er behav­iors that have become prob­lem­at­ic. You can also share your track­ers with oth­er users — includ­ing fam­i­ly and friends. If you find your­self stressed or trig­gered, use the jour­nal fea­ture or breath­ing games for sup­port. App is free, except online coun­sel­ing is avail­able with in-app purchases. 

SMART Cost Ben­e­fit Analy­sis (Avail­able on iOS) (Vis­it Online at SMART Web­site) (Not avail­able yet on Google Play)

Feel­ing the urge to engage in an addic­tive behav­ior? Use SMART Cost Ben­e­fit Analy­sis to what your behav­iors are cost­ing you as well as what they are pro­vid­ing for you. This tool helps put into per­spec­tive both the ben­e­fits and costs with an addic­tive behavior. 

Sober­tool (Avail­able on iOS) (Avail­able on Google Play)

Hav­ing relapse thoughts? Need moti­va­tion? Sober­tool fea­tures a sub­stance use sobri­ety counter, a relapse pre­ven­tion moti­va­tion tool, and a pri­vate com­mu­ni­ty forum for users to share their experiences. 

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