Osumc 2018 Ice Cream Social Donation

Our Sav­iour’s Rais­es $6,700 for KYC!

Our Sav­iour’s Unit­ed Methodist Church (OSUMC) in Schaum­burg raised over $6,700 this sum­mer through their Annu­al Ice Cream Social for KYC! The church gath­ers silent auc­tion items for months, fill­ing rooms with good­ies and hand-made items, to bol­ster their fundrais­ing suc­cess, while church mem­bers gath­er for an after­noon of hot dogs, pulled pork, sal­ads, and of course, ice cream and fellowship.

This year, five KYC employ­ees joined the cel­e­bra­tion as vol­un­teers for the big day. It’s absolute­ly incred­i­ble” shared Kate Gar­barek, KYC’s Direc­tor of Devel­op­ment and Com­mu­ni­ca­tions. The auc­tion offers so many amaz­ing prizes and we were so proud to be a small part of the day’s great celebration.” 

OSUMC was one of KYC’s first sup­port­ers, dat­ing back more than 30 years to when Ken­neth Young (of whom we got our name!) was pas­tor of the church. Count­less vol­un­teers, donors, and friends from OSUMC con­tin­ue to serve KYC and we’re deeply grate­ful for our deep ties. Dor­ris Young, Ken’s wid­ow, still vol­un­teers at every Ice Cream Social and KYC’s 5K. Dor­ris is a dynamo” con­tin­ued Gar­barek. She nev­er miss­es an oppor­tu­ni­ty to sup­port KYC and has engaged so many peo­ple in so many ways. We’re for­ev­er grate­ful for her.”

KYC is proud to thank and rec­og­nize OSUMC for their long­stand­ing sup­port and con­sis­tent gen­eros­i­ty. We could­n’t do our work with­out OSUMC!

Pic­tured left to right: Mary Legg, Jean Arnold, Kate Gar­barek (KYC), Nicole Kufeldt, and Lin­da Caliendo.

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