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Changes in Fund­ing for SASS and KYC’s Prepa­ra­tions for the New Program

The state bud­get has been passed and along with that came major changes to the struc­ture and state fund­ing for SASS (Screen­ing, Assess­ment, and Sup­port Ser­vices). As of August 1st, this pro­gram is now referred to as Mobile Cri­sis Response Ser­vices”, and is expand­ing to serve not only chil­dren, but peo­ple of all ages. Sig­nif­i­cant changes in fund­ing have also been made, includ­ing a com­plete­ly revised set of cod­ing and reg­u­la­tions for billing these services.

SASS was a cri­sis-response pro­gram that serves chil­dren at immi­nent risk of harm to them­selves or oth­ers. Coun­selors dis­patched 24 hours a day to pro­vide assess­ments to deter­mine the sever­i­ty of the cri­sis and rec­om­mend appro­pri­ate treat­ment to youth and families. 

Mobile Cri­sis Response expands this pro­gram to serve peo­ple of all ages, referred to as lifes­pan pro­gram­ming”, and con­tin­ues to sup­port peo­ple in psy­chi­atric cri­sis across the state.

As one of the largest providers of SASS ser­vices in Illi­nois, KYC assessed 1,700 chil­dren in severe dis­tress or sui­ci­dal sit­u­a­tions in fis­cal year 2017. We expect to see a con­sid­er­able increase in the num­ber of cri­sis calls that our coun­selors will face with the addi­tion of the adult pop­u­la­tion to this pro­gram. Cri­sis inter­ven­tions pro­tect clients from unnec­es­sary insti­tu­tion­al­iza­tion and hos­pi­tal­iza­tion, and KYC is proud to expand this life-sav­ing ser­vice to include the full lifes­pan of peo­ple in need.

As changes con­tin­ue to be released, KYC will pro­vide updat­ed infor­ma­tion here on our web­site or pub­lic notices can be found on the Illi­nois Depart­ment of Health­care and Fam­i­ly Ser­vices web­site.

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