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Hus­tle for Health Spot­light: Fear­less FUNdraising

An Impres­sive Pastime

It was a chilly Tues­day evening in May. There were plen­ty of things that a 5th grad­er could have been doing that would have kept them com­fort­ably warm and inside. If giv­en the choice, it’s safe to bet that most of us would pre­fer to sta­tion our­selves indoors for the evening and hope for nicer weath­er tomor­row. But not Sarah. Sarah took advan­tage of an open sched­ule and decid­ed to do some­thing she loves. Unde­terred by the weath­er, she head­ed out­side to fundraise for a cause she believes in, and start­ed knock­ing on doors to invite donations.

About Sarah

Sarah is a Girl Scout. She loves hik­ing and going to con­certs with her fam­i­ly. She also hap­pens to love fundrais­ing and sup­port­ing orga­ni­za­tions that are dear to her.

Sarah and her fam­i­ly are great friends to Ken­neth Young Cen­ter, with con­nec­tions to Ken­neth Young, him­self. Ken­neth Young was an old friend of Sarah’s fam­i­ly. Sarah grew up learn­ing that KYC was a place that helped many fam­i­lies when they need­ed it most. When Sarah was intro­duced to the Hus­tle for Health 5K, she knew she found an event that she loved. Sarah has an impres­sive col­lec­tion of Hus­tle for Health t‑shirts dat­ing back through the years, and looks for­ward to adding the newest edi­tion to her wardrobe this year.

Giv­ing Back

Cindy, Sarah’s moth­er, reveals that Sarah has had a strong sense of duty to oth­ers from a very young age. She’s such a care­giv­er, she’s always putting oth­ers before her­self,” Cindy says, and she sensed the need in her daugh­ter to help oth­er peo­ple very ear­ly on. This is what Sarah says encour­ages her to fundraise. She is moti­vat­ed to help peo­ple who need sup­port, espe­cial­ly fam­i­lies in cri­sis, and she knows that fundrais­ing is an incred­i­bly impact­ful way to do just that.

Although she is young, Sarah has cul­ti­vat­ed some seri­ous fundrais­ing skills, and lends her tal­ents to a few dif­fer­ent orga­ni­za­tions. She sup­ports the Juve­nile Dia­betes Research Foun­da­tion in hon­or of a fam­i­ly mem­ber, and is a mas­ter Girl Scout cook­ie sales­per­son. KYC is thank­ful that she uses her skills to sup­port the 5K, too!

Mak­ing the Ask

Cindy Sarah

Sarah takes on what can be a daunt­ing task — ask­ing for mon­ey — and does it like a pro. With her mom by her side, she ven­tures out into her com­mu­ni­ty, brave­ly knocks on doors, and asks her neigh­bors to help her reach her goal of rais­ing mon­ey for KYC. She admits that knock­ing on the door can be scary, but after the knock is out of the way, it’s time to work her magic!

Her secrets to fundrais­ing suc­cess? First, she is pre­pared. After a quick speech that intro­duces KYC to her audi­ence and a few main points about why she believes in KYC, she invites oth­ers to join her in sup­port­ing the pro­grams that she knows make a dif­fer­ence in the lives of KYC’s clients. You have to do your research,” Sarah explains, in order to be able to tell oth­ers about the orga­ni­za­tion that you care about.” Last­ly, she encour­ages poten­tial sup­port­ers to give in a way that makes sense for them. She is kind, but per­sis­tent, and as her mom put it best, She. Rais­es. Funds.”

Becom­ing an Ambassador

Rais­ing mon­ey to sup­port KYC’s pro­grams is impor­tant, but it’s also impor­tant to con­nect peo­ple with the pro­grams they may need. Through her fundrais­ing work, Sarah has become an ambas­sador for KYC by edu­cat­ing her com­mu­ni­ty mem­bers about the pro­grams and ser­vices she sup­ports. Her friends and neigh­bors some­times learn that the resources they’ve been seek­ing can be found at KYC, and they are one step clos­er to find­ing what they need to live healthy, inde­pen­dent lives. This is one more way that Sarah’s work enables her to sup­port her com­mu­ni­ty members.

You Can Hus­tle for Health, Too!

KYC 5 K Color Logo Diamond Only

KYC is incred­i­bly grate­ful for ded­i­cat­ed sup­port­ers and vol­un­teers like Sarah. Her com­mit­ment to help­ing oth­ers is inspir­ing, and we thank her for all of her hard work in sup­port­ing her com­mu­ni­ty through KYC. Hap­pi­ly, she has already reached her orig­i­nal fundrais­ing goal, but plans to keep fundrais­ing and make an even big­ger impact in the lives of KYC’s clients.

If you would like to reg­is­ter and fundraise for KYC’s upcom­ing Hus­tle for Health, click here! This event is free to attend and fam­i­ly friend­ly. This year, the race is super­hero-themed in hon­or of our clients, vol­un­teers, staff, and sup­port­ers who do amaz­ing things for the health of our com­mu­ni­ties every day. We look for­ward to the cel­e­bra­tion on June 8th!

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