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Cel­e­brat­ing Nation­al Recov­ery Month

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About Nation­al Recov­ery Month

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Sep­tem­ber is Nation­al Recov­ery Month, a spe­cial month of recog­ni­tion hon­or­ing peo­ple liv­ing in recov­ery from sub­stance use and men­tal health dis­or­ders. Just as we cel­e­brate recov­ery from oth­er health con­di­tions, such as heart dis­ease and dia­betes, we cel­e­brate recov­ery from sub­stance use and men­tal illness.

Recov­ery for men­tal health and sub­stance use dis­or­ders is an ongo­ing process achieved through ded­i­cat­ed atten­tion to mak­ing health­i­er choic­es each day. While we cel­e­brate the achieve­ments of those liv­ing in recov­ery, we also under­stand that it can be dif­fi­cult to keep up such hard work con­tin­u­ous­ly. For many peo­ple liv­ing in recov­ery, there may be good days and there may be chal­leng­ing days, and the jour­ney through recov­ery is often­times not lin­ear. While it can be dis­cour­ag­ing to expe­ri­ence a recur­rence or inten­si­fi­ca­tion of symp­toms, we encour­age all peo­ple who are work­ing towards recov­ery to con­tin­ue their com­mit­ment to their wellbeing. 

KYC Offers Resources for Recovery

Espe­cial­ly as COVID-19 has led many peo­ple to feel increased stress and iso­la­tion while deal­ing with a mul­ti­tude of new chal­lenges, we under­stand that liv­ing in recov­ery over the recent months has been extreme­ly chal­leng­ing in many cas­es. Ken­neth Young Cen­ter is hon­ored to be trust­ed part­ners for many com­mu­ni­ty mem­bers who are doing the dif­fi­cult work of liv­ing in recov­ery. Here are some of the ways that KYC is proud to sup­port peo­ple in achiev­ing their recov­ery goals:

SMART Recov­ery

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Our SMART Recov­ery pro­gram is a peer-led, non-clin­i­cal pro­gram for par­tic­i­pants to achieve healthy, pos­i­tive, and bal­anced lifestyles while nav­i­gat­ing sub­stance use and addic­tive behav­iors. This evi­dence-based approach teach­es self-empow­er­ment and self-reliance that can great­ly aid in recovery.

Out­pa­tient Therapy

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KYC offers indi­vid­ual, cou­ple, group, and fam­i­ly coun­sel­ing that pro­vides a per­son­al­ized and wrap-around approach to sup­port­ing peo­ple who are work­ing toward their recov­ery or men­tal health goals. More than 4,000 youth and adults receive out­pa­tient ther­a­py sup­port from KYC each year.

Drop-In Cen­ter

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Our Drop-In Cen­ter is a social set­ting in which adults liv­ing with men­tal health chal­lenges can find com­mu­ni­ty with one anoth­er. The Drop-In Cen­ter runs pro­gram­ming 364 days a year to help vis­i­tors sharp­en skills, make friends, and explore their com­mu­ni­ties togeth­er with friend­ly guid­ance from car­ing staff. 

SUPR Ser­vices

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KYC offers SUPR (Sub­stance Use Pre­ven­tion and Recov­ery) sup­port pro­grams to peo­ple who are liv­ing with co-occur­ring men­tal health and sub­stance use dis­or­ders, as well as to peo­ple who do not have a men­tal health diag­no­sis. These out­pa­tient ser­vices are avail­able for both youth and adults.

Employ­ment Services

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Through our part­ner­ship with the Illi­nois Divi­sion of Reha­bil­i­ta­tion Ser­vices, we offer employ­ment ser­vices to help peo­ple with men­tal health diag­noses and dis­abil­i­ties find and keep employ­ment. Hav­ing a job not only pro­vides finan­cial ben­e­fits, but it also pro­vides a sense of respon­si­bil­i­ty, rou­tine, and community.

Psy­choso­cial Rehabilitation

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Our PSR (Psy­choso­cial Reha­bil­i­ta­tion) pro­gram helps adults liv­ing with severe and chron­ic men­tal ill­ness work toward recov­ery by teach­ing them the skills they need to live, work, learn, and par­tic­i­pate ful­ly in the community.

These are just some of the pro­grams that KYC offers to sup­port peo­ple through­out their recov­ery jour­neys. If you know some­one who is liv­ing with sub­stance use or men­tal health con­cerns and is seek­ing sup­port, please let them know that KYC is here to help at 8475248800.

Even if we’re not the best direct resource, we’re hap­py to pro­vide refer­rals to oth­er orga­ni­za­tions to pro­vide sup­port. Check out our Recov­ery Toolk­it for addi­tion­al resources.

As the Nation­al Insti­tute on Drug Abuse explains, a recur­rence of symp­toms does not mean that treat­ment has failed, but rather that treat­ment may need to be resumed, mod­i­fied, or a new form of treat­ment should be tried. Recov­ery can be dif­fi­cult, but it is pos­si­ble. This Sep­tem­ber and through­out the year, we applaud and hon­or all those who are work­ing towards their goals in recov­ery each day.

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