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Motoro­la Solu­tions Cre­ates Kind­ness Crates

As the glob­al COVID-19 pan­dem­ic con­tin­ues, many old­er adults face increased iso­la­tion and are at risk of depres­sion, anx­i­ety, and cog­ni­tive decline. Although tech­nol­o­gy has allowed many to con­nect in new and cre­ative ways, for those with­out access or the com­fort of using these devices, the last sev­en months have been par­tic­u­lar­ly challenging. 

KYC’s Home Deliv­ered Meals Pro­gram has expe­ri­enced record-break­ing growth in that time, serv­ing hun­dreds of meals each Mon­day, Wednes­day, and Fri­day to seniors through­out Schaum­burg and Elk Grove Town­ships. With each deliv­ery, a friend­ly vol­un­teer checks in on each senior, ensur­ing their safe­ty and health. 

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Robert and the Motorola Solutions Team gathered at KYC's Elk Grove Office on Tuesday to pack their Kindness Crates.

Rec­og­niz­ing the iso­la­tion too many seniors face, Robert Kosciuk gath­ered a group of more than 30 Motoro­la Solu­tions vol­un­teers to cre­ate Kind­ness Crates — box­es packed full with sweet treats, hand-made art­work, mes­sages of friend­ship, sta­tion­ary, cross­word puz­zles, lotions, and more.

We want­ed to do some­thing that spread some sup­port and kind­ness to local old­er adults” said Robert. We hope these box­es put a smile on their faces and help them know that we’re think­ing of them even if we can’t be in the same place.”

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Motorola Solutions Team Members individually shopped for care package items and came together in KYC's Elk Grove parking lot to put the boxes together.

Togeth­er, the team packed more than 75 care pack­ages for old­er adults, each lov­ing­ly packed by a Motoro­la Solu­tions friend these seniors would nev­er get to meet.

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In addi­tion to all their work, the team raised more than $3,000 for the Home Deliv­ered Meals Pro­gram, fund­ing more than 600 meals to old­er adults in need.

KYC is proud to hon­or and rec­og­nize Robert and our friends at Motoro­la Solu­tions for their incred­i­ble kind­ness and sup­port. Your gen­eros­i­ty and thought­ful­ness is deeply felt. On behalf of the many old­er adults whose days you’ve bright­ened, THANK YOU.

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