KYC and Trick­ster Part­ner on Instal­la­tion Project

Trickster Sound System 11 3 17

Photo from left to right:  Mike – KYC Facilities, Steve – Trickster Technology Lead, Marta – Trickster Operator’s manual specialist, Sebastian – KYC Smile Leader, Joe – KYC PYD Carpenter, John – KYC Older Adults Master Carpenter, Sherrine – KYC PYD Project Designer, Joe – Ojibwe Tribe, Nicole – KYC PYD Technology specialist 

Trick­ster and KYC have had a long-stand­ing part­ner­ship as a com­mu­ni­ty resource for peo­ple through­out Schaum­burg Township. 

On Novem­ber 1st, the Trick­ster sur­round sound the­atre instal­la­tion project was an inter-depart­ment col­lab­o­ra­tion, as staff from both Trick­ster and KYC worked togeth­er to put this new project togeth­er. Thank you to every­one who helped for your superb help with the 13’ motor­ized screen, the Blue­tooth over­head pro­jec­tor, and 55” front lob­by monitor. 

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