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Client Spot­light: Sup­port­ing the Whole Person

Men­tal well­ness is a com­plex and dynam­ic goal that looks dif­fer­ent for every one of us, and evolves with us through­out dif­fer­ent times in our lives. KYC rec­og­nizes the impor­tance of sup­port­ing a whole per­son, rather than just a diag­noses or emo­tion­al state, and offers wrap­around ser­vices to clients who are work­ing towards men­tal well­ness each day.

Sup­port­ing Ryan

Ryan first came to KYC at the rec­om­men­da­tion of a fam­i­ly friend. He hadn’t been act­ing or feel­ing quite like his usu­al self, and had to quit his job due to phys­i­cal side effects of his men­tal health at the time. He began see­ing a ther­a­pist who helped him to focus on mak­ing foun­da­tion­al improve­ments to his emo­tion­al health. A year and a half lat­er, he has made great progress that is evi­dent to not only him­self and his ther­a­pist, but also to his family.

As his men­tal well­ness improved, Ryan met with KYC’s Employ­ment Ser­vices team to expand the scope of his con­tin­u­ing self-improve­ment. They helped him find a new job that match­es his pre­vi­ous work expe­ri­ence with an employ­er who under­stands men­tal health. Pur­su­ing his career has helped boost his con­fi­dence and pro­vid­ed him with a com­fort­able rou­tine, which feeds back into the pos­i­tive progress he has made in therapy.

Sup­port­ing Outcomes

We are not just our job titles, health con­di­tions, or rela­tion­ships. We are all of those things at once, and more. By offer­ing lay­ers of ser­vices that can help sup­port indi­vid­u­als in many aspects of their lives, KYC hopes to encour­age the best pos­si­ble out­comes for clients like Ryan.

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