Six (Out of Ten) Dimen­sions of Wellness

Well­ness is a broad top­ic that has 10 dimen­sions. Here, we’ll explore 6 of them:

Phys­i­cal Wellness

To be phys­i­cal­ly well, you must be active through reg­u­lar exer­cise; main­tain a bal­anced and nutri­tious diet; get ade­quate sleep; refrain from use of tobac­co, drugs and exces­sive alco­hol; and know when it is appro­pri­ate to seek pro­fes­sion­al med­ical attention.

Emo­tion­al Wellness

To achieve emo­tion­al well­ness, you need to reduce your stress, man­age neg­a­tive emo­tions, and cre­ate a sense of hap­pi­ness in your life. Get in touch with your own feel­ings. Learn to deflect the neg­a­tiv­i­ty of oth­ers. Enjoy alone time on occa­sion. Cope with life’s stres­sors or ask for help when they’re too much to han­dle. Spend more time doing plea­sur­able activ­i­ties. Speak to a pro­fes­sion­al when you want to or need to.

Men­tal Wellness

Men­tal well­ness is one of the most impor­tant com­po­nents to over­all well­ness. The World Health Orga­ni­za­tion defines men­tal health as a state of well-being in which the indi­vid­ual real­izes his or her own abil­i­ties, can cope with the nor­mal stress­es of life, can work pro­duc­tive­ly and fruit­ful­ly, and is able to make a con­tri­bu­tion to his or her com­mu­ni­ty.” If you find it dif­fi­cult to achieve, con­tact KYC for help: (847) 5248800.

Med­ical Wellness

Med­ical, phys­i­cal, emo­tion­al, and men­tal well­ness are close­ly relat­ed because with­out one, you often have a hard time achiev­ing the oth­ers. Vis­it your doc­tor if you expe­ri­ence phys­i­cal symp­toms indict­ing a med­ical condition.

Spir­i­tu­al Wellness

A sense of pur­pose is impor­tant for devel­op­ing a sense of bal­ance and peace in our lives, and is very impor­tant to our psy­che. To achieve spir­i­tu­al well-being, you should explore reli­gious or spir­i­tu­al options, respect human life (includ­ing your own), get in tune with nature, and incor­po­rate your per­son­al val­ues and beliefs into every­day actions.

Social Well­ness

The social dimen­sion encour­ages us to con­tribute to our com­mu­ni­ty and envi­ron­ment. Spend as much social time as pos­si­ble around peo­ple who sup­port and care about you. The num­ber of rela­tion­ships is not impor­tant, it is the qual­i­ty that ben­e­fits our wellness.

Remain­ing Four Wellnesses:

Intel­lec­tu­al Well­ness – Occu­pa­tion­al Well­ness – Envi­ron­men­tal Well­ness – Finan­cial Wellness

Con­tact Ken­neth Young Cen­ter at 847.524.8800 if you need help on your jour­ney to men­tal wellness!

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