The Fish Philosophy


  • Find cre­ative ways to make your job enjoy­able for you and your clients.
  • Take the time to cel­e­brate as a team.
  • Bring some­thing to work that gives you joy and share with others.
  • Find the humor in a tense sit­u­a­tion or use humor as a tool to alle­vi­ate stress in others.

Make Their Day

  • Make a con­scious effort to jump in and offer help to your coworkers.
  • Find small ways to make someone’s day.
  • Take an inter­est in oth­ers and bring some­thing to share like an arti­cle or image that you think might inter­est an employ­ee or client.
  • Give a gen­uine Thank you!”
  • Prac­tice acknowl­edg­ing those who impact your life.

Be Present

  • Focus on being ful­ly present while at work and mak­ing your­self acces­si­ble to coworkers.
  • Take time to rec­og­nize that clients and cowork­ers are unique indi­vid­u­als with their own per­son­al needs and feelings.
  • Make an effort to notice oth­er people’s hard work.
  • Look to your­self to make the changes you want.

Choose Your Attitude

  • Make serv­ing dif­fi­cult clients into a challenge.
  • Con­scious­ly choose your atti­tude, espe­cial­ly in dif­fi­cult situations.
  • Choose who you want to be” at work, and don’t let out­side cir­cum­stances dic­tate who you’re going to be.
  • Focus on sit­u­a­tions or peo­ple from whom you usu­al­ly don’t get a good reac­tion. For­get about their reac­tions, and con­cen­trate on being who you’re com­mit­ted to being.
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You're Not Alone

1 in 4
Amer­i­can fam­i­lies have a rel­a­tive who has a men­tal illness.

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Things do not hap­pen. Things are made to happen.

—John F. Kennedy

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