Employ­ee Recog­ni­tion Programs

FISH! Rewards Pro­gram – To sup­port KYC employ­ees to imple­ment the Fish! Phi­los­o­phy in their dai­ly work lives, we offer a peer nom­i­nat­ed rewards pro­gram. Employ­ees may rec­og­nize each oth­er for exem­pli­fy­ing the phi­los­o­phy by send­ing a thank you card and nom­i­na­tion form that can then be redeemed for a $10 gift cer­tifi­cate. The pro­gram is a fun way to empow­er staff to rec­og­nize the great work of their peers and is a very pop­u­lar way to Make Their Day. We offer gift cer­tifi­cates to estab­lish­ments such as Ama­zon, Star­bucks, Sub­way, Pan­era, and Target. 

#FISH!GOALS — This is a quar­ter­ly award giv­en to an employ­ee who exem­pli­fies the pos­i­tive approach to work that the FISH! Phi­los­o­phy pro­motes. We begin col­lect­ing nom­i­na­tions for #Play and will cycle through each of the 4 ten­ants over the course of the year. Employ­ees that win the award are grant­ed an addi­tion­al full day of PTO (7.5 hours). 

Tenure Awards – Staff are rec­og­nized for years of ser­vice in five-year incre­ments start­ing with a $125 mon­e­tary bonus at five years for a full-time employ­ee (pro-rat­ed for part-time) and increas­ing to the high­est lev­el of $1445 for thir­ty-five years. We recent­ly had our first employ­ee reach the 35 year lev­el (the pre­vi­ous high­est lev­el was 30 years). Those rec­og­nized will have com­plet­ed years of ser­vice in five year incre­ments up to the thir­ty-fifth year of tenure. 

Val­ues Awards – The KYC Val­ues Award is a $200 mon­e­tary bonus giv­en to rec­og­nize behav­iors that exem­pli­fy the KYC val­ues. It rewards exam­ples of achieve­ment and effort and rec­og­nizes indi­vid­u­als for lead­er­ship, ini­tia­tive or cre­ativ­i­ty that ben­e­fits clients of KYC.

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